Casual dress

Today's outfit - a casual dress!

How do you find the energy to get out of the house in a rainy weather?

I'm telling you, look for a vibrant colored dress in your closet and your vibration will increase in the moment you look in the mirror!

Whether you wear it with sneakers, or with elegant heeled shoes, or with a pair of boots, it will surely be the energy boost you need to start a gloomy day.

I'm very lucky, the ballerinas dance on my dresses and they are never lazy, they take you out of the house, even if you don't want to!

If you don't have a colorful dress, you can find me here or @danatanase_atelier

Let's choose together both the color and the model that will make you leave the house smiling, every day.

Have a happy day!

Kisses, Dana!

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