Leather pants

Do you have a pair of leather pants in your wardrobe?

If so, what color are they?

I'm giving you a tip today. How to choose the color of leather pants to your advantage.

Yes! Leather is a texture that enlarges, but you can wear colored pants if you wear sizes between 36 and 40.

Otherwise, I recommend choosing neutral colors, possibly darker tones, such as: navy blue, rat gray, brown, burgundy or black. You also have to take into account the cut that benefits you and the thickness of the skin from which the pants are made.

I know you want an extremely fine and thin skin, but there is a risk that the pants will break quite quickly in the areas where you force them through repeated movements and certain natural imperfections will become visible. And no, we really don't want that!

So, choose wisely!

What would it be like to have your leather pants that fit you perfectly? Come to my workshop and let's choose together the right material and model for you. The rest is magic!


Kisses, Dana

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