Red Dress

Do you like to wear red?

I hear more and more often from my clients: "I don't know why, but I'm very attracted to color red!"

You know what? For me is the same for a while!

This color has a different meaning in the world.

For Europe, this color expresses lust for life, love, ecstasy.

In the East - red evokes warmth, intensity, extreme feelings.

In India, red is associated with luck, especially the red dot painted on the forehead, which they believe brings good luck.

It also has the same meaning in China, where brides dress in red dresses.

But it's all about attitude, you know that!

I love women who know how to stand out with a bright red!

Don't hesitate if you feel like you're in the red mood!

Dress up in a red dress and conquer the world!

Love, Dana!

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