Skirt or pants?

Which is more comfortable for you to wear, skirt or pants?

I always choose a skirt or a dress, because I am a femininity lover. Often, however, the context requires us to wear pants, or it becomes much more convenient to choose your favorite pair in exchange of a skirt.

Why wear skirts or dresses more often?

A skirt can bring balance to your outfit and create the illusion that your legs are longer. It is said that petite ladies should not wear a skirt below the knee, but honestly, this rule can be avoided if you are wearing the right cut. Line A is always friendly with any body type and pairing it with a pair of high-heeled shoes, is ideal.

Another advantage of a skirt are the pockets. You can wear a flared skirt with elegance and always have your phone, card or keys, well camouflaged, without ruining the look of your outfit.

A well-chosen outfit consisting of your favorite skirt and blouse will help you feel confident and feminine. Skirts are as versatile as pants. You can combine them with whatever you wear with those black pants. Wear a pair of flats or high-heeled shoes and you will get an undeniably perfect look that works well in any professional environment.

Why wear pants?

Skirts are the perfect choice for a relaxing walk, for a day at the office, or for an event with friends, but when you want to train, or go hiking, pants are the clear option.

Of course, at the office, nothing beats a pair of well-tailored pants that will benefit your figure. The pants are classic, comfortable and easy to match with anything in your closet.


If I had a message for you, it would sound like, "Wear a skirt more often, woman!"

Believe me, they really like it too!

The ballerinas also greet you from our cotton suit!

Kisses, Dana

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