White shirt - how do you wear it?

Let's talk about the white shirt, that light shirt that looks like it’s borrowed from his closet. I don’t want to hear you say… I'm petite and I can't wear such a shirt, I need a cambered one. That's not the case. However, how do you should wear it?

Well, let's get started!

1. Urban elegant

You can wear the white boyfriend style shirt with a pair of classic jeans, a pair of stilettos and a red lipstick.

2. Casual summer

Pair the white boyfriend shirt with rolled up sleeves, with a pair of flared jeans, platform sandals, a colorful scarf around your neck and a wide-brimmed hat.

3. Boyfriend look

For a casual - studied look, wear the white shirt with boyfriend jeans, colorful sneakers, slightly messy hair and a crossbody leather bag.

4. Classic

The white shirt will match perfectly with a classic black suit, with masculine lines and straight cuts, stiletto or oxford shoes.

5. Chic-feminine

Choose a flared skirt with pockets, black or colored, made of taffeta, add colored beads or a fine necklace and the white shirt carefully arranged under the waistband of the skirt.

6. Office

Are you going to the office today? Wear a white shirt with a pencil skirt and an oversized cardigan and you have the perfect office outfit.


Simple, isn't it? Now it will be easier to match the white boyfriend style shirt, because you will surely find yourself in at least 2 of the 6 styles. But what about daring to test them all?

I love white shirts, especially the one with a hand-painted ballerina. I advise you to have a white shirt in your personal wardrobe, from a quality poplin.

Enyway, the attitude makes the difference.

From the tips, Dana!

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